Sidebet Sensor

Sidebet Sensor

The sidebet sensor is used to record bets on sidebet fields so that jackpot levels can be incremented automatically. In this way, game participation can be measured.

What is unique is that this sensor is flush-mounted in the tabletop under the tablecloth.

Changing the cloth is as easy as without a sensor and working at the table is also free of obstacles when removing the chips.

The sidebet sensor has 24 color LEDs arranged in a circle that can play a variety of patterns.

It is standard for the sensor to attract attention with white flashes during the betting phase, then show a green animated rotating ring once a bet has been placed, and then show a red animated rotating ring when no more bets can be placed.
mehr gesetzt werden darf.

For card games, an additional sensor can be installed in front of the card shoe, allowing the "no more bets" to be automatically detected (as soon as the first card is drawn).

The sidebet sensor is connected to the table PC via USB and supplied with power.

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