PTZ Positioning

PTZ Positioning

The following functionalities ensure a significantly higher level of security than before:

  1. Automatic positioning of PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras during events A PTZ camera is used at the gaming table to obtain detailed video recordings that are not possible with fixed cameras.

Example 1: New Winning Number The PTZ camera is directed towards the tableau, zooming in on the winning number so that the placed bets can be clearly seen in close-up.

Example 2: Boiler cover is removed - PTZ camera is positioned on the boiler.

Example 3: A guest or the dealer reaches into the wheel while the ball is rolling – the PTZ camera is positioned on the wheel.

Example 4: Bank note is rejected by the acceptor - the PTZ camera is positioned on the acceptor so that you can see what happens to the rejected notes.

  1. Audio Recording (optional) Statements from the dealer or table supervisor are recorded as long as the talk button is pressed.

Example: Repetition of a late advertisement shortly before the bullet falls, which can no longer be suspended (as evidence).

  1. Capturing predefined events In "KSoft," a new button called "Incidents" is enabled. This button displays up to 14 buttons that can be assigned with the necessary functions for you, such as "Guest Announcement," "Chip dropped by guest into the mass," or "Unclear winning bet." These events can be used for positioning PTZ cameras. Additionally, it is possible to specify whether an additional call should be triggered through the call system for each event and whether the event should be commented on. If necessary, a video search for an unclear winning bet can be conducted using "PEye TEval," and an appropriate comment can be added in the "PEye AlarmTool" software.

The PTZ camera pans to the acceptor for a detailed shot as soon as bills are rejected

The PTZ camera on the gaming table enables detailed video recordings of the fallen number and the adjacent betting fields.

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