Money Check

Money Check

Money Check TITO

Ticket printer / TITO:
A ticket printer can be integrated into the installation kit to enable ticket payments. The ticket printer also makes it possible to accept a second currency at the table. The difference amounts that cannot be paid out with tokens can be issued as a ticket. Machine tickets can be read via the banknote acceptor.

Ticketprinter / TITO:
A ticket printer can be integrated into the installation kit to enable payouts in tickets. The ticket printer also allows for accepting a second currency at the table. The difference amounts that cannot be paid out in chips can be issued as tickets. Automated tickets can be read through the bill acceptor.

The bill acceptor is available in two interface variants:

Variant 1: Direct connection to a desktop PC on which the "PEye Table Management System" is installed.
Variant 2: Direct connection via network. A mini-PC handles the processing of the data generated by the change processes and forwards it to a central database. In addition, alarm buttons installed on the table can be connected to the mini PC. The assignment of the alarm button is freely selectable.
Optionally, the changes can be displayed on a screen at the gaming table. The buttons can also be used for "high-roller tracking", i.e. guest-related sales recording.

The acceptor:

  • Accepts up to 50 banknotes at a time
  • Detect counterfeit money
  • Checks banknotes with
  • 6 different light wavelengths and with a magnetic sensor
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Allows programming for almost all currencies
  • Has a short processing time (1.7 to 2.0 seconds per banknote)
  • Has a high acceptance rate (≤96%)
  • Has a cash box for up to 2,000 banknotes
  • to 2.000 Banknotes
  • The cash box can be equipped with two locks
  • Another optional lock to secure the cash box against removal is possible
  • Is available with different installation kits


Table accounts and detailed reports (daily, monthly) on changes (time, denomination) can be created with our "ASoft" evaluation software. In addition, with the "PEye System" report, emails with the cash box counts of all tables ("CashReports") can be sent automatically, e.g. daily after the end of the game. You will therefore receive the first cash statement shortly after the end of the match day.

Accounting of the location (optional)

The croupier records the tray count on a tray sheet that is equipped with a specific barcode. This tray sheet is accepted by the acceptors and transported into the cashbox. The tray count is thus securely locked away. "PEye MoneyCheck" ensures the compliant recording of all money exchanges according to the Money Laundering Act and the Federal Data Protection Act (within Germany). For customers outside of Germany, the software can be configured to comply with the applicable legal requirements in those jurisdictions.

Different installation variants:

Lowerable acceptor (MoneyCheck "Lift")

The version that can be lowered by a motor allows the acceptor unit to be installed vertically. When lowered, the cash box can then be easily removed.


  • Takes up little space on the table top
  • The compact acceptor unit is largely invisible under the table surface
  • Convenient cash box withdrawal

Booted State

Shutdown state

Pull-out acceptor (MoneyCheck "Drawer")

The pull-out variant is built in with the help of a drawer so that the acceptor can be installed vertically in the table. This variant offers the possibility to pull the acceptor together with the banknote cassette out of the table. To remove the cash box, the drawer must then be fully opened. The drawer can be additionally secured with one/two locks.


  • Small footprint on the top of the table
  • Compact unit under the table
  • Convenient cash box withdrawal

Top view: table top with acceptor

Side view: MoneyCheck "Drawer" in the extended state

Inclined installation (MoneyCheck "Classic")

In this variant, the acceptor is built into the tabletop at an angle. The head of the acceptor is removable. All service flaps are ergonomically optimally arranged and easy to operate. The cash box is located under the table top. The cash box can be secured with an additional lock.


  • Robust construction
  • Service-friendly solution for acceptor failures

Table installation with cladding panel (optional)

Cash box removal and optional lock case

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