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table management system

The system for every gaming table

"PEye TMS" is a sophisticated table management system for casinos of all sizes, which has been continuously expanded and optimized since it was launched in 2007. "PEye TMS" is an extremely flexible, modular system that can be adapted to the specific requirements and wishes of the casinos quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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dice Shaker

automatic dice machine

The dice machine rolls two
different fundamental frequencies.
This guarantees that the
Dice never on top of each other or at an angle
to lie down.

wheel sensor

Our little wheel alarm system

The Roulette Wheel Sensor represents a specialized alarm system for a roulette wheel, which allows monitoring of several important parameters. In combination with our roulette detection system RDetect, a comprehensive surveillance of your roulette wheel is guaranteed, enabling the detection of any conceivable attempt at manipulation.

bill acceptor and cashbox

bill note acceptor / cash box

You don't want to take any risks when it comes to security
enter more? Then lie with our
Bundle banknote acceptor spot on.
Because this not only recognizes counterfeit money,
it also checks and counts up to 50 banknotes
are fed simultaneously, and avoids
Currency exchange error.

Our table game products

guest display design

"PEye DSoft" - the table display software - provides extensive statistical information for the guest, such as the winning numbers, hot and cold numbers, wheel games, and simple chances of the previous games.

bill note acceptor / cash box

This acceptor not only detects counterfeit money but also verifies and counts up to 50 banknotes that are inserted simultaneously, avoiding errors during currency exchange.


The roulette wheel sensor is a special alarm system for roulette wheels, with which many important parameters can be monitored.

dice Shaker

The dice machine rolls two
different fundamental frequencies.
This guarantees that the
Dice never on top of each other or at an angle
to lie down.

dealer touchdisplay

A touchscreen with a screen diagonal between 8" and 15" is used as a table keyboard. The corresponding keyboard software "PEye KSoft" offers a graphical user interface that leaves nothing to be desired.

table pc

With our table PCs you can use our entire software modules at the table.


As guest displays we have screens with 24″ resolution as well as 28″ and 32″ displays. Any type of mounting rods and custom holders as desired.

random generator

Our 4th generation random number generator provides random numbers via the USB port. It is ideally suited for securing additional raffles. The random numbers are generated electronically and not through a software algorithm.

rotorident / doorcontrol

Our "Rotorident" is a small device that is connected to the table PC. It detects whether the correct roulette wheel rotor is in the wheel. "Doorcontrol" is also directly connected to the table PC. This device checks if all undercounter cabinets on the table are closed. If not, it triggers an alarm message.

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