The central evaluation software used is "PEye ASoft" ("A" for "Analysis/Evaluation").
With "PEye ASoft," various evaluations can be performed regarding the gaming equipment and personnel. There are user rights for each type of evaluation, allowing you to determine who has access to which data.

The key evaluations include: printing winning numbers (permanences), statistical analysis of roulette wheels, evaluation of rotor speeds, table running times, coups per hour, staff deployment, alarm notifications, call system history, revenues, incidents, etc.

The roulette wheels can be tested using the chi-square test. Two different types of charts (polar and 3D) are available for a clear presentation of the coup distribution. There are many filter criteria available for evaluations based on sectors, direction of rotation, or coup periods.

The "Table Journal" report provides a detailed permanence of the tables, including additional information such as winning numbers, direction of rotation, speed, game time, and personnel involved.

The personnel evaluation report allows for tracking the personnel's deployment times and locations.

The "Bill Insertion" evaluation provides an overview (daily or within a specific period) of how much money was directly exchanged at a table and at what time the cashbox was removed or used.

The "Table Alarms" report offers the option to generate reports on all previous events, such as rotor replacement, activation of door and lock contacts on the table cabinet with the table PC and chip sorting machine, as well as power outages in the system. Each alarm is accompanied by a description in the report.

The "Incidents" report allows documenting predefined incidents such as "late announcements," "ambiguous chip placement," or "rejected banknotes."

The RFID-based location count can also be documented with a report.

During manual location counting, the dealer enters the number and value of chips on the dealer display and sends the total sum to the database. The manual counts are documented with the "Location Count" report.

"PEye ASoft allows the evaluation of multiple locations with appropriate licensing."

The currently installed version of the hardware and software modules of "PEye," as well as their respective SHA1 checksums, are presented in a clear list.

All reports can also be set up as scheduled tasks, allowing them to be automatically generated regularly.
The accesses to the software can be displayed using the "User Access" report.

Through the "Privacy Information" feature, all personal data can be displayed, blocked, and unblocked in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act.

The operation of all report queries is mostly self-explanatory.

All reports can be printed, exported as PDF, and sent via email - even automatically! "ASoft" has a TCP interface through which reports can be automatically generated from other applications.

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