The dice machine rolls with two different base frequencies. This ensures that the dice do not stack on top of each other or remain at an angle. The CamShaker utilizes two different base frequencies to guarantee that the dice do not stack or lean at an angle. The base frequencies and the duration of the dice shaking are further varied by a random generator to make the outcome absolutely unpredictable. The rolling process can be initiated either by the dealer using the table keyboard or by a player using a cable switch. Briefly pressing the cable switch shakes the three dice for the preset minimum duration. Holding the cable switch for a longer period extends the rolling time, up to a preset maximum duration. Once the player releases the cable switch, the dice continue to jitter for a short, random duration. While the player can influence the duration of the dice shaking, they cannot control the exact end of the rolling process – a perfect illusion! The dice machine can be built into the table and recessed under its tabletop, but it is also available as a standalone version. The CamShaker features a high-quality housing made of black anodized aluminum. It is equipped with a Full HD camera used for dice detection and an LED ring that illuminates the dice surface.



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