dice Shaker


The dice shaker rolls with two different basic frequencies. This guarantees that the cubes will never lie on top of each other or obliquely.

The basic frequencies and the cube duration are additionally varied by random generator to make the result absolutely unpredictable.
The dice can be triggered either by the dealer via the table keyboard or by the cable button also by one of the players.
If the cable button is pressed only briefly, the three cubes are shaken with the deposited minimum duration. If the cable button is pressed longer, the duration of the cube operation also increases up to a maximum duration also stored. If the player releases the cable button, the dice are shaken for a short random time. The guest can influence the cube duration, but not the exact end of the dice process. A perfect illusion!

The cube machine can be recessed in the table, but is also available as a set-up version.



Green Button

Bluetooth Button

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