The roulette wheel sensor detects any kind of external influences that can lead to a falsification of the game result or damage to the roulette wheel.

The roulette wheel sensor is a special alarm system for roulette wheels, with which many important parameters can be monitored.

In connection with our roulette detection RDetect, a complete monitoring of your roulette wheel is guaranteed, so every conceivable attempt at manipulation can be detected.

For each signal, limit values can be individually parameterized according to your specifications. This means, for example, that a larger tolerance for inclination must be allowed if the roulette wheel is located on a cruise ship. In the case of a building susceptible to vibrations, slightly higher limit values need to be set for the motion sensors. Deviations from the predefined parameters will be reported by the corresponding alarm sensor.

This WheelSensor is therefore a must for quality assurance in the field of roulette. It is equally suitable for the live game area as well as for automatic roulette systems.

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