Call Display

Call Display

The "CallDisplay" is a tablet with an optical display and touchscreen, which can be configured as a "receiver" or as a "sender" and "receiver" as required.

The displays, which work as "receivers", can be placed in the gaming areas, bars or in the cash register areas of the casino without being noticed, but still clearly visible to all employees.

Functionality: As long as no call comes in, the "receiver displays" show a graphic, such as the casino logo. When a call comes in, the display shows where the message is coming from (e.g., Table AR1, Bar, Cashier 2). At the same time, a colored light signal lights up, representing the responsible group of employees. Up to 4 light signals are available for different employee groups. For example, if two employee groups are responsible, two different colored light signals will light up on the display. The responsible employee must acknowledge the alarm by touching the corresponding light signal on the touchscreen.

The incoming call can also be indicated with an audible signal. If calls (alarms) are simultaneously triggered at other locations (e.g., bar, gaming table), an additional field will open for each additional sender. Depending on the size of the display, up to four or six fields are possible.

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