PEye KSoft

As a desktop keyboard, a touchscreen comes with a Screen diagonals between 8” and 15” are used. The related Keyboard software "PEye KSoft" offers a graphical user interface, which leaves nothing to be desired. This input/output interface delivers all important data at a glance. Next is the representation of other Windows applications, such as the video evaluation software, possible.

Logins or hand changes for dealers and pit bosses can take place in different ways:

  • As a personalized login/logout (manual input)
  • As a personalized login/logout using RFID. "PEye AccessControl" is required for the RFID login.

In both cases, the table display shows a change of hands displayed. If the change of hands has to take place in a non-personalised form, the so-called "hand change" button is available. "PEye KSoft" ("K" stands for "Keyboard") offers countless configuration options, to switch off unneeded elements and in their place needed ones show items.

Next is a TCP interface available so that Third-party applications "listen in" to all important events, and if desired "PEye KSoft" can even "control".

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