The winning number is determined via a video image. With this technology, the fallen number can be recognized faster than with other technologies. Of course, other variables such as ball speed, cancellation time, rotor direction of rotation and rotor speed are also recognized.

In addition, "RDetect" can trigger a silent alarm if the roulette wheel is manipulated.

You do not need an additional camera to recognize the winning number if a suitable surveillance camera is already available. Our system also has very few specifications regarding the correct placement of the camera. For example, the camera can be installed completely unobtrusively at a height of 10 m above the gaming table, but also on the table display.

The recognition of the winning number using video technology works with any standard roulette wheel.

connection of reading eyes

PEye RReader For reading eyes

“RReader” is compatible with the reading eyes we sell and with TCS JohnHuxley kettles with an integrated reading eye (also TouchBet roulette).

The winning number is recognized much faster with a video camera than with a reading eye. The reading eye is much better suited for this in rapidly changing light conditions.

PEye CReader For Cammegh wheels

CReader handles the Cammegh protocol

PEye KReader for King-Roulette-wheels

"KReader" processes the King Roulette protocol.

PEye BReader for Böhm-Roulette-wheels

BReader handles
the Böhm roulette protocol.

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